Few of my apps that I published



Fun with luck


Tambola, a type of Indian Bingo or Housie is a fun game originated in Italy in early.

This is a very simple yet feature-full app, which comes with 200 Tambola tickets. Just go to options and print the tickets. This app supports automatic number calling with set duration or manual 1 by 1.


Todo List

Yet another but better and secure


Simple, easy and clutter-free to-do list. All your data stays with you, so you can rest assured of the privacy.

Categorize your lists easily, color code them, add items and set due dates. You can pin the items and readily edit and delete them.

Features at a glance:

1. Swipe from left to pin

2. Swipe from right to edit and delete

3. Add category name and color

4. Add items to categories and assign a due date

5. Tap items to mark them done

6. Search for an item

7. Get notified once a day


The to-do list app you have been waiting for. Give it a go...

Movie Guess.png

Movie Guess

Guess the movie and have fun!!


A fun app to guess the Hollywood movie name one letter at a time. To get you started, you will see the genre, word count and letter count of the movie name.

If the letter you select is correct, it will appear in the movie name. If incorrect, you will get an X.

5 Xs, and the game is over.

So think hard and enjoy....

Card on card.png

Card on Card

Card on the same card wins!!!


A simple card game, where you draw cards one by one. Player,​ whose card matches with the latest card on the table takes all the cards of the table.

if you are out of cards, you lost the game, so fingers crossed!!!

Practice maths.png

Practice Maths

Maths practice for kids


This is a simple app to help practice maths. You can select the type of mathematical operations from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There will be 4 options for the answer with only 1 will be correct.


The total correct and wrong answer count will be displayed as results.

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